All change at Z&A (again)

It's almost a year since we built a new store, to make more space, to have stairs, and to be a great base of operation for the first Femdom Hunt. It's also about five months since we added the cell store next to the main store. In that time there's been a lot of changes (Z&A fully taking over what was Shackles Femdom and the subsequent transformation of that into Raven Park) and we've also grown.

After making the changes to our homes and Raven Park, the final thing we wanted to do was update the main store so that it was a better fit and so that the cell store wasn't a separate building. As hinted at yesterday, we've been working on that and the new shop was finished yesterday.

So, earlier today, during some quiet time, we cleared the garden of all plants and stock:

rezzed some barriers around the landing point to keep any customers who dropped in safe, and then deleted the cell store:

followed by the main store:

After that, we dropped the new shop out of the sky (we'd built it in the right place, but up at altitude, saving the hassle of needing to rez it and move it into position). This did, of course, leave every item of stock floating outside the shop (part of the point of the rebuild was to rotate the whole shop):

What followed was a couple of hours of moving stock and vendor boards back into place. Finally, after a lot of prim shifting, we had a shop back:

all the stock is back in place:

and the cells are looking pretty good in their new home:

There's still a fair bit to do though. While all the stock is placed in the new shop it isn't all quite where we'd like. The cell room, in particular, needs a proper move around. The main priority was to just get everything back inside the shop and available for people to try (and hopefully buy).

Also, the gardens are currently missing any plants or landscaping so we've got a little gardening job to do too.

So don't be surprised to find that, if you pop down and take a look, and then pop back a day or so later, things have moved.

Also, if you do pop over to see the new layout, do let us know if you find any random prims floating. We think we've got everything. :)

With all that done, we can get back to plotting the next thing.

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