Meet Black

For anyone who hasn't been in the main store of late (since the launch of Raven Street), we thought we should introduce the latest "member of staff" in the main store. Her name is Black Fishnet. Her job is to show off Raven Street products.

She is, of course, a "bot" (one that's registered with the Lab as a "scripted agent", so it's all above board) and her job is to stand on a special display stand and let you take a look at the dress she's currently wearing (as of today she's wearing a version of Hathor).

The stand has a pair of buttons on it. These emulate the texture change HUD that comes with all Raven Street products and, in this case, it'll change the texture of Black's dress. Feel free to use the buttons and scroll through the textures for her dress.

Over the next few weeks she'll be changing outfits to show off different dresses, so do drop in and see what she's up to. And, while you're there, do take Zanda for a ride too. He gets a little lonely, locked up in his little cage, so he really appreciates the attention.

Perhaps even take him over to see Black. Rumour has it he's got a bit of a thing for her. ;)

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