Z&A Sub-Allowance

Today we're releasing another product that, like with Sub-Focus, Antony has been meaning to make for quite some time. He finally cracked and started work on it when his Mistress kept complaining about how he was always running around the grid, amusing himself, coming and going as he pleases. (at this point he'd like to say that he spends most of his time messing about in the Z&A workshop -- but he knows better than to argue with his Mistress).

This new product is the Z&A Sub-Allowance:

Sub-Allowance comes as a pair of HUDs. There's a HUD for the sub/slave (this has transfer permission -- you buy one for each sub/slave) as well as a HUD for the dominant and admins (this has copy and transfer permission so any sub or slave buying this can allow more than one person to control their allowance).

With these HUDs the dominant can control certain aspects of the sub/slave's Second Life, controlling them as an allowance of sorts, that needs to be topped up every so often. The things that can be controlled are:
  • Walking
    This is given in kilometres. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance they are stuck on the spot until more allowance is given.
  • Flying
    This is given in kilometres. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance they are no longer permitted to fly (and will fall out of the sky when they run out while flying).
  • Talking
    The allowance is given in lines of chat in local. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance all local chat is denied and only short emotes are permitted.
  • Teleporting
    The allowance is given in teleport events. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance they are denied teleporting.
Each allowance is individually controlled (or not controlled).

A "home" location can also be set using the HUD. If this is set, when the sub/slave runs out of their walking or teleporting allowance, they will be shown an "emergency TP home button" which, when they touch it, will force teleport them to the set location. This allows them to get home safely if they're left stuck in a location that's less than ideal.

Of course, the idea with this is that "home" be set to a cell that auto-locks when they show up in it. ;)

Another key feature is that the dominant who locks the sub/slave's HUD can add "admins" to their HUD. These admins can top up the allowance for the sub/slave (but they can't unlock it). This is designed to allow for those times when the dominant can't get in-world, or if they wish to delegate the job of accounting for their property's allowances.

To find out more about this product do please pop down to the main store and request the information from the vendor board you'll find near the landing point.

As always you can buy this product from our main store, the Second Life Marketplace or from any of our other mall locations or affiliates.

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