Three new products

We've just released three new products to the main store and the marketplace.

The first is influenced by Antony's current predicament. He felt he needed a bed of some description in his new digs and this was the result:

Thankfully his Mistress has allowed him to use it. ;)

Talking of Antony's Mistress, the two other new products we're releasing are based on a build she's been nagging him to make for a long time. Finally, this last week, he had the bits sorted to make what she wished for. First there is the Z&A Flowerbed:

As well as being a normal Z&A RLV device this also has a menu for the owner that lets them change the plants that are visible. As well as this anyone can use the menus to get the needed props (the gardening tools). Once worn, if they are the gardener, each tool will show or hide depending on the pose.

Of course, some of you might want a RLV-locked gardener but you don't need a flowerbed because you have beds of your own that need tending to. With this in mind we've also released the Z&A Gardening product:

This works just like the flowerbed (minus the menu for changing flowers, of course) but, instead, there's just an uncomfortable plank of wood for the gardener to kneel on.

As always, you'll find these new products in the main store or on the Second Life marketplace.

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