Announcing: Z&A Petites

Many of the products you'll see in our shop came about because of a personal need. The builds either came about because of an initial desire to make something we wanted or were looking for, or because they were an obvious and logical follow on from that initial need. So, for example, Antony's Mistress nagged him like crazy for a year or so about making her an RLV-enabled carriage and he finally got into making a vehicle system for Z&A. From that a lot of vehicle builds followed. The same with cells, etc.

This is not one of those times.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to have a small dance at the Femdom Cafe on Raven Park -- just a handful of residents (unlike this Saturday, where everyone is invited) -- and two of the residents turned up in/as petite avatars. While we've been aware of petites for a while now, and while we think they're really neat, we'd never really given much serious thought to building products aimed at petites.

During the dance there was much joking about how we should make petite versions of our latest builds and, the following day, joking turned into experimentation, which then turned into actual building.

Today we are launching a new product range that is the end result of those initial experiments. We're delighted to announce the first few products in Z&A's petite bondage furniture range:

These builds are the same as their "biggie" counterparts in all respects but the following:
  • There is no strip option in the menus. Because of the way that petite clothing works it didn't make much sense to have that there.
  • Unlike with our "biggie" range of products, where we let whatever chain texture is used by the victim's Lockguard-compatible cuffs show (unless the product calls for something specific -- rope for example), we've hard-coded in a small chain texture. Currently there seems to be a fairly limited choice of Lockguard-compatible petite cuffs so we decided to do this to help people who size down "biggie" cuffs.
Other than those two things these products work just like their "biggie" versions.

You can find this new range rezzed out and available for testing in our main store.

Please do feel free to drop in and have a play.

To help with testing the products we've also put out a vendor that gives out free set of Lockguard-compatible cuffs and a collar. They're nothing fancy, they're very plain, but if you don't have cuffs and a collar these will let you properly try the devices.

If you have any questions about these products please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

PS: We also wanted to say a big thanks to Tyssen and Tanner Laville for running around Raven Park as petites. It was just the push we needed to look into this. ;)

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