Meet George

When we launched Raven Street a few weeks ago it was important to us that people have access to usable demos. As well as making the demos available via the marketplace we also set things up so that they're available via the vendors in the main store. This also means that the demos are available via the Raven Street board that's part of the Z&A affiliate pack.

There was, however, one small wrinkle with the in-world demos. Because of the way things work the demo had to come boxed (well, in our case, bagged). This meant that anyone wanting to try a demo had to grab it, go home (or to a sandbox), rez the bagged version, unpack it, and then try it. Sending people away from your shop, as well as generally being a bad idea, seemed sort of rude to us as well.

This week we've fixed this. This week we've updated the demo "bag" so that you now wear it when you receive it and, in doing so, you get to meet George, the Raven Street delivery bird:

When you wear him he sits on your arm, waits a moment, and then gives you a friendly greeting and hands you your demo item. No rezzing or unpacking required. No needing to TP around the grid just to try on a demo.

All Raven Street affiliate boards are now updated to deliver this demo.

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