Green Fairy Dance

Last night, after two weekends over at the Z&A main store in support of The Femdom Hunt IV, the Raven Park dance returned to Raven Park. Because of a fairly busy RL in the days leading up to it we decided to keep things low-key and, rather than the usual custom built/purchased on-theme skybox, we decided to use the Mansion as the venue (something we've not done since the Firefly dance). The theme was a nod to Raven Park's TFHIV hiding place: The Green Fairy (in other words all things absinthe and and absinthe-related).

Here's a few photos from the event:

As always we'd like to thank Eve Terr for providing great tunes that fit the theme and set the tone perfectly, and we'd also like to thank everyone who came along and joined in some great banter.

If everything goes according to plan we'll be back in two weeks. And this one's going to be rather special. Anyone who knows the Raven Park dances will know there's a lot of scifi-loving geeks involved and that we like to have the odd dance themed on shows and films we love. At our next dance we're planning on having our own little celebration of 50 years of a very British kind of science fiction...

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