Z&A Submission HUD

Today sees the release of another Z&A product that, as with Sub-Focus and Sub-Allowance, Antony has been meaning to work on for quite some time. As with the other two products mentioned this one also comes from his Mistress' wishlist of things she'd like him to make for her convenience. The Submission HUD was started back in June this year and, as it progressed, it was decided that we'd initially release it as our gift for The Femdom Hunt IV (as it was it ended up being one of two gifts from Z&A's main store). Finally, after making a few tweaks to it, we have a final release as a full Z&A product:

The Submission HUD is designed as a long-term tool of control, created to provide easy access to a sub/slave's RLV while also adding a couple of handy extras that mean you're in control of your property even when you're not around. The key features include:
  • Access to many RLV restrictions which are easily turned on and off via a categorised menu.
  • Access to the sub/slave's #RLV shared folders, allowing forced wear/removal of items and outfits found in there.
  • A built-in renamer, allowing you to set how their name appears when talking in local chat.
  • A follow system with optional visible leash (the visible leash works with any LockGuard-enabled collar).
  • A simple clothing strip and attachment removal facility.
  • A region access control system that lets you specify which regions the sub/slave is permitted to visit based on name (both via blacklist and whitelist) or maturity rating (so, for example, you could ban your sub/slave from all PG regions as well as specific named regions).
  • A curfew system that lets you control your sub/slave's movements based on in-world time.
The sub/slave's HUD is no-transfer and will have updates for life. If you wish to purchase a HUD for your sub/slave you can easily purchase it as a gift on the Second Life Marketplace, on PrimBay or from the vendor board you'll find in the main store. The dominant's HUD is both copy and transfer allowing many copies to be given out.

As with Sub-Allowance the main dominant (the person who locked the HUD) can add admins who can control most aspects of the sub/slave's HUD -- the main thing they can't do is unlock it. This allows for easy delegation when necessary.

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