Z&A HUD Locker

Antony's Mistress makes heavy use of her viewer's outfit changing facility, which also means that if he springs some new HUD on her, as he did when the finished the Z&A Submission HUD (which, as you'll probably know, has a dominant HUD for talking to the sub/slave's HUD), she's got to either add that HUD to all her favourite outfits, or have it knocked off on outfit changes and find it again.

Being able to find it again is sort of important to Antony if he's heavily restricted via the SubHUD so he came up with a simple solution. A HUD locking HUD. This has worked perfectly for his Mistress and now we're sharing it as a free product for anyone else who might find it useful:

You'll find it on Antony's Marketplace Store, at the Main Store or on PrimBay.

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