Two new products

As often happens after a hunt, and as has always happened after a Femdom Hunt, we're now releasing (two of) our gifts as products. First off we have the Display Cabinet:

This goes nicely with the likes of the Coat Stand, Display Sconce, Display Board and Ceiling Fan. Anyone wanting a copy-permission version can find it with the regular vendor, in the new items display area, in the main store.

Also available is the RLV-enabled Rickshaw:

Of course, for those who want to make the vehicle available to people visiting their plot or sim, we also have the rezzer version:

For anyone wondering where the third gift is in this set of releases -- the Z&A Submission HUD -- it's coming. There's a couple of tweaks we want to make (just improvements) so, all being well, it'll be released as a product in the next couple or so weeks. Watch this space.

As always, you can find and test these products in the new products display area in the main store, or purchase them on our marketplace store. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

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