Four new products

Today we're releasing four new products that "reboot" and replace a couple of older builds. The first we're calling the Z&A Relief Cushion:

The cushion contains a couple of "waiting" kneels as well as six different masturbation animations. As with all of our hold/display devices the key holder is the one who gets to decide which pose is in use so it's perfect for tease and humiliation role play.

It also comes with an extensive choice of textures for the cushion (which can only be set by the owner or their chosen admins) so it should be easy to have it fit your home or dungeon. And, of course, like all of our products, the object has modify permission so you can easily texture it yourself should you need to.

Today we're also releasing the Z&A Bend Back Stand in versions for the light wood, dark wood and chestnut ranges:

Perfect for putting your victim's most vulnerable parts on display.

As always, these new products can be found in the new product area of our main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click on any of the images above to be taken to the MP pages). Copy versions can also be found in the main store.

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