Three new products

It's been a while since we've released a new RLV vehicle (the last time being the release of the rickshaw after the end of The Femdom Hunt IV) and we've being wanting to do another. When we saw the kit that forms the base of this new release we just knew it had to happen.

The latest addition is another vehicle designed for securely transporting subs and slaves (so similar in idea to the likes of the quad bike, the cage trolley, the forklift, the 6x6 and the van), this time with a view to travel. We call it the Z&A Caged Luggage:

With this vehicle the dominant is the driver (they should sit on the vehicle by sitting anywhere but in the cage) and the sub/slave gets to be the passenger, securely locked in the cage. As usual the vehicle is designed to be easy to drive. Being a luggage trolley it of course has a board at the back for logos and the like. Out of the box it sports a Z&A and Raven Park logo. But don't worry, you're not stuck with that. We've included a texture that serves as a template for changing the logos. It's easy to create your own, upload it in world and add it to the trolley.

For those of you who might want to make this generally available on your plot or region we've also got a public rezzer version:

This new vehicle is available from our main store and also on the Second Life marketplace. You can also give this vehicle a try out on our vehicle test platform -- just look for the TP pad in the main store underneath the vehicle vendor boards.

Today we're also releasing two more products in the new chestnut furniture range:

As usual these new products are available for viewing and testing in the new products area in in the reception of our main store. There you'll also find copy-permission versions too. Of course, you'll also find them on the Second Life marketplace.

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