Two new cells

Given Antony's current situation, which won't end until at least this weekend, he's understandably had all things pony-related on his mind. While there's some non-pony work going on in the background at Z&A (some to do with builds for Raven Park, some to do with a hunt we're sponsoring and taking part in next month) this week's releases very much have RLV-based pony play in mind.

Today we're releasing two cells that we're calling "Paddock Cells". Designed to look like a simple fenced-off area, perfect for holding ponies and other pets, they're fully-working Z&A cells. We've done two sizes. There's a smaller one with a footprint of around 4m x 4m:

and a bigger one with a footprint of around 8m x 8m:

You can find both of these new releases in the garden next to the landing point of the main store. They are, of course, also available from our Second Life marketplace.

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