Five new products

A little over a year ago we introduced the new range of RLV furniture and devices. In that time we've mostly concentrated on the light and dark ranges of dungeon furniture. While some of it paralleled and rebooted some of our older designs almost none of it replaced it. Our very original designs, when Z&A first opened, were based around a shiny rosewood look -- the idea being that they would be devices that wouldn't look out of place in a living room as well as a dungeon and, for a while now, we've being trying to decide what direction we'd like to go in so as to keep a range in that style.

Today we're launching the first devices in that new range. The style is based around a polished chestnut and iron look, the idea again being that any product in this range would work well in the "house" as well as in the "dungeon". In most cases there will be a parallel with an existing product in the light and dark ranges but, in all cases, it will either be a ground-up rebuild to better match the choice of textures or a ground-up remaking of the mesh for the same reason. There will also be a little hint of materials use too.

The first five products in this new range are:

These releases will replace similar products in our original rosewood and black and chrome ranges, those originals being retired from the marketplace and the main store.

These new products are available for testing and purchase in the main store and are also available for purchase on the Second Life marketplace.

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