Eight new products

Today we're releasing eight new products into the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace. As has been happening recently these products seek to reboot some of our very original builds while fitting in with the light and dark dungeon range, as well as extending the recently-created chestnut range.

To start with we have a follow-on from the Tall Display Cage that we released last week. We got to thinking that, perhaps, some people might not want to use up valuable floor space for such a device. Perhaps using up wall space would make more sense? So, for those people, we now have the Z&A Wall Display Cage:

Of course, sometimes, you have a spare corner where you could keep your sub or slave. For this we have the Z&A Storage Box:

Finally, we've added cast iron versions of our single and double wall chains so they nicely match the chestnut range:

As always you'll find these products in the new products area of the main store as well as on our Second Life Marketplace (just click any of the images above to be taken to their listings). You'll also find copy-permission versions of all of the above in the main store.

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