Four new products

Today we're releasing four new products. The first is an addition to our chestnut range, based on a product that's already available in the dark and light ranges. We call this the Z&A Hanging Plank.

Designed to fit rooms with ceilings between around 3.5m and 10m high it contains an owner-only setup option that helps you make it fit your room "just so".

Today we're also rebooting a very old product to fit in with the new products lines. We call these the Z&A Weight Hang. Perfect for making your victim feel very uncomfortable in your dungeon or living room.

This too comes with a setup option for helping fit different height ceilings. And, of course, the weight itself will only appear when you dangle your victim from the ceiling chain points.

You can find these products in the new product display area in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace (just click on any of the images above to be taken to their listings). And, as usual, if you'd prefer a copy-permission version of any of the above you'll find them in the main store too.

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