Ten new products

Although it wasn't planned, this week, like last week, sees us releasing quite a large collection of new products. These too are a collection of "reboots" of some of out very first products, remade in mesh for lower land impact, higher detail and made with the new device system.

First off, in the chestnut, dark and light ranges, we have the Z&A Cage Frame:

Also in the same ranges we have the Z&A Tall Display Cage:

In steel and rust forms (to go with the light and dark ranges) we have the Z&A Forced All Fours:

and finally, in the same ranges, we have the Z&A Kneel Cross:

All of these new products are on display and can be tested in the new products area of our main store and they are, of course, all on the Second Life marketplace too (just click on any of the above images to be taken to their listings). Copy permission versions are also available in the main store.

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