Z&A Cake

It started, as it often does with silly builds, with an off-hand comment someone made. A brief discussion was taking place in the RLV Communities group chat, in reply to someone who'd expressed delighted surprise that all forms of avatars were welcome in the group. During the process of reassuring the person in question this was said:

Jenna Felton: so you should be even ok here for being a piece of cake avatar, but just one that is locked into by RLV :)

Which, naturally, spawned some chat about cakes and RLV and.... it seemed obvious that something had to be built. So, today, we've put a little gift vendor in the shop that contains a silly thing. We call it the Z&A Cake:

You'll find it in the free product/gift area in the shop, just inside the main entrance, to your right as you walk towards the reception desk.

To get your gift all you need to do is make sure that RLV Communities is your active group (in other words, make sure you're "wearing" your RLV Communities group tag) and then touch the vendor board. Within moments you should have your product delivered.

Many thanks to Jenna for providing the inspiration. We hope you have fun with this bit if silliness.

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