Ten new products

We've got quite a few releases available today. The first came about because of an unfortunate incident involving some roller skates and Antony's Mistress' floor. After his little "prank" it was strongly suggested that he make a RLV floor scrub. Which, of course, he did:

The bucket contains (and dispenses on request) a scrubbing brush so there's no excuses for dirty floors. As a normal Z&A device it's obviously got the usual capture facility, anti-cam facility and a choice of SL or RL timers.

Today we're also rebooting three of our older products to better fit with the dark wood, light wood and chestnut ranges. The first is a reboot of the Z&A Arch Hang Frame:

Next we have the Z&A Stress Display. A device designed to make for a very uncomfortable kneeling position:

Finally we have the Z&A Arms Up Display. Following on from the stress display, and designed to satisfy a request made by a customer back in 2011, this device will keep a victim uncomfortable while keeping their chest exposed.

As always, you'll find these products in the new product display area in our main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click on any of the images above to be taken to the MP listings). Copy permission versions are also available in the main store.

PS: Don't forget that, until the end of this month, we're taking part in the D/s hunt. Hidden in the shop is an item that contains two full new Z&A products, one aimed at dominants and one aimed at submissives/slaves, all just for L$5. See our blog post about the hunt for full details.

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