Z&A Walkabout and a new cell

Today we're releasing two very different products. The first is another in a long line of products that have come off Antony's Mistress' wishlist. Anyone who follows Antony's blog will know how his Mistress is a very keen user of a combination of the Z&A Sub-Allowance and a Z&A Punishment Picker. Amongst the "payments" he has to make to earn his allowance are items that involve going for wanders on the mainland (it forces him out of the workshop for a few hours if nothing else).

One thing his Mistress wanted, to work with that sort of payment, was some way of ensuring he kept moving. It's one thing to drop him on the mainland and use his SubHUD to deny TP for a while but that doesn't really ensure that he's taking a proper wander, properly exploring, moving all the time.

Antony, being the exceptionally good sub that he is, took his Mistress' wish and made a product out of it. The result is the Z&A Walkabout:

This is a lockable HUD that is worn by the sub/slave (controlled by someone else using the Z&A Restraint HUD) which lets you set them up so they get punished if they loiter on the spot too long, spend too long in one region or return to a region too soon. The punishments, which take the form of a large selection of RLV restrictions, can be configured by you. When the HUD is locked on a timer you can also configure things so that time penalties are applied for violating the walkabout rules.

The second release is a new cell in our new range of Z&A Cells. We call this the Slatted Wood Cell.

You can both these new products in the new product area in the main store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace. You'll also find a copy-permission version of the cell in the main store.

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