The new Z&A Cell range

It's coming up 3 years since we originally opened the Z&A Cell Shop and launched the original range of Z&A Cells. In that time so much has changed at Z&A and so much has changed on the grid! So, a little earlier this year, we decided it was high time to revisit our range of cells and the script system that powers them.

Just like with our RLV hold/display devices we wanted to do a ground-up rewrite with an emphasis on more flexibility for the user, lower script resource usage where possible and, as much as possible, build with mesh to either greatly reduce land impact or increase detail (or both).

Key additions to how Z&A cells work are:

  • Choice of RL or SL timer
  • Ability to set a random timer between a minimum and maximum value
  • As well as the usual public/group/owner access system there is also an admin system that allows you to name people who have the same rights as the owner
  • Lots more control over the RLV restrictions applied to inmates
  • Door locking (with owner/admin override -- useful for use in public playgrounds)
  • RLV-based grab facility

Starting today we're launching a whole new range of cells based on this work. Some will reboot older designs, others will be brand new designs. The initial releases include both and comprise of:

Z&A Cell (Concrete & Brick)

Z&A Cell (Concrete Grunge)

Z&A Cell (Dark Glass)

Z&A Cell (Garden Shed)

Z&A Cell (Latex Vault)

Z&A Cell (Metal Vault)

Z&A Cell (Narrow Metal Cage)

Z&A Cell (Wire Cage)

Z&A SciFi Cell (Floor Field)

As with our RLV hold/display devices, with this new cell range, we're also making copy-permission versions available from the main store.

These new cells can be found in the new product section (and the cell sales wing) of our main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace.

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