Fifth birthday dance

The handful of days surrounding this weekend mark the 5th birthday of Z&A Productions. As often is the case with these things no single day is really the day -- the whole process of going for a crazy idea to actually opening took a little more than a handful of hours. We generally take the day we actually opened for business as the birthday (and that's Tuesday coming) so, given that yesterday was the nearest Raven Park dance weekend, we moved the Raven Park dance to the Z&A main store and celebrated five years of scripting and building (coincidentally it was also the anniversary of the day that we placed an actual logo on the front of our very first shop).

As always, we have a collection of photos from the dance in an album on imgur. Here's a few highlights:

We had a really great time and it meant a lot to us to share a fun couple of hours with our friends. We also hope you all find a great use for our birthday gift.

The design is based on a cell we first built for our second birthday mini-hunt. Now remade from scratch, in mesh, with the new cell system and with a nice sprinkling of materials too. All being well those who are prone to time in cells will enjoy the view from the inside. And those prone to holding keys will enjoy the view in. ;)

Thank you to everyone who came along and made the whole event so much fun; and thank you to Eve for a brilliant set of music. Hopefully we'll see you all in another year.

Or... in a couple of weeks time when the dance heads back over to Raven Park.

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