Two new cells

If you missed our birthday party at the weekend you'll have missed the birthday gift that was made available to all who came along. But not to worry as the cell is one of the two we're releasing into the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace this week:

Built of wood, with a luxurious buttoned leather interior, this cell should work well in the smarter rooms in a home. We've also added a subtle helping of materials for those who run with advanced lighting on.

And talking of advanced lighting: the next release this week, while looking great without ALM turned on, very nicely "pops" with it turned on. We call it the Leather Vault:

There's an owner menu that lets you select from 10 different leather colours and also a menu that lets you make changes to how rough (or smooth) or shiny the leather looks to those with advanced lighting turned on.

Both of these new releases are available to view in the main store and they can also be bought from the Second Life Marketplace. As always, if your preference is for a copy permission version, that too is available from the main store.

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