Z&A Security Camera

Now and again Antony finds the need to write some code to solve a problem that isn't always directly related to Z&A's main product range. Sometimes those scripts are very simple tools and he writes about them on his blog, other times he tinkers with them more and they grow into something a little bigger and that he'll likely play with longer-term. One example of the latter is the Z&A Avatar Radar.

We're now making another such product available. We call it the Z&A Security Camera:

The main reason it came about was because, now and again, when he's working in the workshop, Antony will have to cam down to the main store to find something or help a customer locate something. While alt-camming down a couple of kilometres is doable he's always thought it was inefficient and that there was a better way of doing it. Finally, a couple or so weeks ago, he cracked and started work on a better way.

What started out as a quick bit of coding to solve a specific problem turned into a bigger pet project that could be used in all sorts of situations. Having completed it we think it's also the perfect build to go alongside our range of RLV cells, especially if prison role play of some form is your thing.

Here's a few highlights about what it does:
  • It's a HUD/rezzed object combination that lets you quickly and easily move your avatar's camera to specific spots on a region.
  • It works region-wide.
  • By default the cameras can only be "used" by you, the owner.
  • There's an option to share individual cameras with named people, with a whole group or with the public.
  • Cameras can have a TP position associated with them and the HUD can TP people to them.
  • You can (by editing them) make the cameras invisible if you'd prefer they're not seen. They still work just fine.
  • We've made the HUD copy and transfer so you can share it with your friends, family, staff, visitors, etc.
  • It could work well as part of a region security system, or a prison role play system, or even (when using public cameras) as a sort of "live-feed" slideshow of the attractions on your region.
Like the Avatar Radar, at least for now, we've decided to make it available as a gift to everyone. Just head on down to the main store and you'll find the vendor board for it with our other gift products.

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