Two new cells

While many of our RLV products are very obviously BDSM equipment we do like to, where we can, create some designs that are less obvious but just as fun and effective. We've done this a few times with our hold/display devices, our restraints and especially with our RLV vehicles. It's also something we like to do with our RLV cells too.

The Greenhouse is one such cell and a brand new take on it is now available in our main store and on the Second Life Marketplace.

With it you get all the usual features of a Z&A RLV cell while at the same time getting something that would look great in any garden.

Also new in the store is a cell that very firmly sits under the "obviously a cage" heading. We call it the Narrow Wooden Cage:

A menu option, available only to the owner, can be used to swap between a dark wood and rust look:

or a light wood and steel look:

You can view and play with both of these new cells in the new product area of our main store, and you can find them both on the Second Life Marketplace (just click on the vendor board images above to be taken to their listings). Copy permission versions of both cells are also available in the main store.

PS: If you're looking for an adult Femdom-themed kink-friendly place to call home where you could rez a cage or two (or a greenhouse), don't forget that we currently have a plot available for rent on Raven Park.

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