Z&A's 5th birthday party

Some time around now, 5 years ago, Zardia was nagging Antony with this idea she had. See, he was messing about with getting to grips with writing RLV code and stuffing the resulting code inside collections of prims that resembled bondage furniture while she was getting to grips with making things with prims and sculpts and so he kept throwing his scripts inside her builds too. Z's idea? That they should open a shop and make the results available.

Antony thought this was a terrible idea and said no.

Within a week or so the shop was being kitted out.

Rent was first paid on that first shop on the 19th but we didn't have a name, or a logo, until the 21st. We didn't officially open for business until the 24th and that's the date we consider to be our "birthday". But, given that this weekend would be a Raven Park dance weekend, and given it's the nearest available weekend to our birthday...

As with the last couple of years Eve Terr will be providing the tunes, we'll be providing the birthday gift (yes, it's our birthday, but we're the ones giving the gift away) and we really hope that you'll be providing the company. There's no "theme" as such, so do please come as you like -- we're very laid back at Z&A so feel free to come dressed in as much, or as little, as takes your fancy.

So that's the plan: we have a party, you get a gift, we all have a bit of fun for a couple of hours. Here's the details:

Date: February 21st 2015
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr

We hope we'll see you there!

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