Refreshed test track

Now that the "refresh" of the Z&A vehicles is well under way (I'm more than 1/2 way through updating the existing product range, and there's at least one brand new vehicle to come in the next few weeks) I thought it was time to give the test track a bit of a refresh too.

Nothing too clever, all it needs to be is a big space where you can blat around, trying out all the vehicles I have on offer. After a bit of testing and tidying and building I've dropped the updated test track in place.

All of the vehicle rezzers are neatly laid out and easy to get to and try. The vendor boards for the vehicles now live as separate boards, placed near each test rezzer, so it's easier to find and purchase the vehicle you want.

The old landing spot has gone and been turned into a simple pavement. This means that there's even more space to drive around in.

To get to the test track you just need to take the TP pad that's underneath the in-shop vehicle vendors in the main store. Also, for the duration of the vehicle "refresh", I'm going to leave a very easy-to-find TP pad right in the new product area:

If you fancy spending some time trying out the vehicles, or just having some fun racing around with your friends, please feel free to use the facilities provided.

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