~AC opening dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered at the newly-opened ~Alternating Current shop and helped Anna celebrate the start of her adventure in in-world retailing. There was much dancing, laughing, swapping horror stories about being a shop-owner in Second Life and the grabbing of gifts (*waves to the two people who even landed half a region away and stealth-grabbed a gift*). There's an album of photos over on Google Photos. Here's some highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along, and to Miss Eve for providing all the tunes. See you in a couple of weeks when we should be heading back to Raven Park itself.

PS: One of the first times I ever saw Anna in SL, she was trying to drive Zanda (the Z&A shop bot) around the region (I think she still holds the record for taking him furthest from the Z&A shop -- nobody else, to my knowledge, has ever thought to take him off the shop plot). That ended up with her dumping him in the Raven Park pond. As she tried to drive him home post-party yesterday.... well, let's just say some of her in-world skills haven't improved:

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  1. Aaaaghhhhh hahaha!!

    Thank you to everyone who came; it was so much fun!