Beatles dance

After being postponed the first time around last night was our second go at the Beatles-themed dance. Despite the Lab having other plans we managed to get dressed and enjoy the evening. Here's a few photos:

Taffy delivered, as always. He came as a yellow sub marine.

One unfortunate side-effect of the unscheduled maintenance was that some people were grey for a while after turning up. Which, for a drow, is kind of problematic. ;)

The full album of photos can be found over here.

Many thanks to everyone who came and took part, it was a really fun night. And many thanks to Eve for another great collection of tunes (including a couple of last-moment purchases to satisfy requests).

If everything goes according to plan we'll be back in two weeks, over at the Z&A main store, to celebrate our 4th birthday. There'll be dancing and music and gifts and things. And rumour has it that Eve's been given the challenge of making a playlist from only artists whose names begin with Z or A. ;)


  1. Ha Ha Ha - silly human photographer ;-)

    1. Hey, I just photograph what's there. If there's topless drows, there's topless drows... :-P