Three new products

Today we're releasing three new products. The first two started out as the gifts we made available during our birthday party last weekend. The idea behind the gifts was to make two things -- one for dominants and one for subs -- that are a bit fun and a bit Z&A. We like to think we managed it.

The first release is a wearable version of the popular Z&A Punishment Picker. The idea with this version is that you can keep it in your inventory and pull it out and use it no matter where you are -- no rez rights required. We spent a bit of time trying to decide what would make for a good wearable punishment picker and then it came to us... a bowl of fortune cookies. Or, as we like to call them, the Z&A Misfortune Cookies:

For the subs we wanted to make something that would be part of the new range of restraints and gags. Given that we do like to make the odd over-the-top forniphilic gag we felt that was the way to go. Something as useful and as silly as the reading lamp or umbrella gags. And that's how the chandelier gag was born:

Finally, we've also added another gag to the range. This time it's for the Dommes who want to shut their sub up but don't have an actual gag to hand. That's the time when you pull off your stockings, roll them up and shove them in their mouth...

As usual, you'll find these products in our main store and on the Second Life marketplace (the gags you'll find on our main marketplace shop and the misfortune cookies can be found on Antony's marketplace).

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