Two plots available on Raven Park

Update 2014-03-01: Plot #9 has now been let. Only plot #2 remains.

We currently have two plots available on Raven Park. Both plots are on the east side of the region, both waterside. They are both 2016 sqm in size, provide 461 prims and are available for L$738 per week.

The plots can be joined if you require something bigger.

Please see our rentals page for landmarks for these two plots, as well as a copy of our covenant.

These plots are best suited to someone who would like to live on a Femdom-friendly and BDSM-friendly adult region (please note that, although that is the theme of the region, there is no requirement that you have to be involved in Femdom or BDSM, you just need to be comfortable with them). The style of the region is vaguely Victorian with an element of steampunk. The public areas are carefully looked after and constantly evolving. The plots can also be made available for commercial use if your business/shop would be a sympathetic fit.

To see a little more of Raven Park see this small album of photos, or pop over and explore for yourself.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar a line and we'll do our best to help.

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