New restraints

As The Femdom Hunt IV came to a finish, at the start of November last year, Antony started tinkering with a new body of code. The plan was to write some scripts that could be used in a number of new Z&A lockable attachments and restraints. As always, the aim was to make the menus easy to use and navigate while giving plenty of options for ways to make people's lives "interesting". Another important aim was that there should be a HUD that could be used to call on any attachment using this system so that rigged mesh or small attachments hidden behind things like hair wouldn't be a problem.

Today we're now launching a new range of lockable attachments and restraints using this system. This range includes:

This is a lockable rigged mesh texture-change tattoo layer, designed to have the look of lipstick writing or drawings. Both arms are covered and many words and designs are included. There's also provision for changing the colour of the lipstick and even using your own textures if you wish. This release is very much aimed at male avatars and a demo is available (we'd strongly encourage trying the demo before purchase so that you can be confident about fit).

The Z&A Contact Lenses are best thought of as a discreet blindfold. They let you control what the victim can (or can't) see in-world while also imposing a very dark view of their immediate environment. Different levels of darkness can be set, as well as making them totally blind. Here's an example of what the world around them will look like on the darkest non-blinding level:

Another new release that has the same environment control is the Z&A Isolation Helmet:

As well as vision control this helmet also contains many other settings that control the victim's ability to engage with the world around them. To allow matching to the rest of the victim's outfit (or lack of outfit) menu options are also provided for changing the colour of the helmet and the metal trim.

The next four new releases are chiefly about RLV-locked decoration of your subs and slaves, while also letting you leash them (either to yourself or to objects in-world). While leashed with these adornments they won't be able to get away as the leash denies teleporting and the like.

The nose ring, nipple clamps and nipple rings are all colour-change. Each of the nipple attachments include prim nipples as part of the attachment (with colour change for the nipples to best match your skin). The nipples themselves can be hidden by the menu so you can fit the adornments so that they appear locked on to your own nipples if you own them.

Finally, we have a new gag:

Given the new gag, and that at least one other will be available soon, we decided now was also a good time to discontinue our old gag range and reintroduce them using the new scripts and, in some cases, with extra features:


Finally, we're also reintroducing the Z&A Punishment Log:

Unlike before, these products now come with copy permission rather than transfer permission. This means it's easy and safe for you to make your own adjustments without needing to worry about wrecking your only copy. Of course, purchasing a copy for someone else is still an option because we're now using a vendor system in-world that allows gift purchases (and, of course, gift purchases can be made from our Second Life Marketplace store).

Each product comes with a copy of the Restraint HUD and that HUD has copy and transfer permissions so you can hand out as many copies as you like. Spare copies of the HUD can also be grabbed from the Marketplace as well as in our main store.

Of course, in most cases, the restraints can be controlled by simply touching them.

As always, these products are available directly from our main store or from the marketplace.

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