New restraint and another product reboot

Today we're releasing another new product that uses the new restraint system. This one is, we're happy to admit, a bit silly. But when the idea cropped up it had to be built. And once it was built it seemed a shame to not make it available.

So, if you've ever felt that your sub or slave needs to take it easy for a while, to float around, unencumbered by the need to walk, free to just hover around, serving no other useful purpose, we think we've got just the thing.

With a handful of configurable RLV too, of course.

Today we introduce the Z&A Quadcopter:

As you might gather, this isn't a Z&A vehicle; it's an attachment, a restraint, made to appear like a vehicle that the victim is attached to. It should also be noted that to get the best out of it the victim should be wearing LockMeister-compatible cuffs (otherwise you won't see chains linking the victim to the quadcopter).

Today we're also reintroducing a version of one of our older products. We've created a brand new version of the single ceiling chain point. This version, as well as only having a land impact of 2, and having all the features of the new furniture script system, also includes a menu to help fit it to most dungeon and house ceiling heights. Within reason you should be able to make it fit "just so" with little or no editing. It comes in both rust and steel versions to match the existing light/steel and dark/rust ranges:

As usual you'll find all of the above in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. Copy permission versions of the ceiling chain point are also available in the main store and from PrimBay (Rust, Steel).

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