Two updates

Today we've updated two of our products. The first update is to the retail version of the Z&A Submission HUD:

This update adds a timer module. Using this the dominant can set a timer that affects the applied restrictions and any active leash (note that the timer never unlocks the HUD itself -- that always stays locked until the dominant manually unlocks it). The idea being that they set some restrictions and/or leash the sub to something or someone and then set the timer. When the timer expires the restrictions will be removed and any active leash will be released.

The timer can be set to run as either an SL timer (only counts down when the submissive is logged in) or an RL timer (it counts down no matter if they're logged in or not).

The second product to get an update is the Z&A Contact Lenses:

A customer asked us if it would be possible to add a forced mouselook mode. We thought that would be an excellent addition to this particular product and so we added it.

Updated copies of these products are being sent to existing customers now. If you miss your update please drop us a line and we'll get a fresh copy to you, or come down to our main store and touch the relevant vendor board to get a menu and select "Redeliver".

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