Z&A Vehicle (Trolley) and (Cage Trolley)

Today I'm releasing a "refit" of two Z&A vehicle. Both related and both shopping-oriented, one with an RLV-based driver and the other with an RLV-based passenger. They are the Z&A Trolley and the Z&A Cage Trolley:

Both vehicles are now mesh and both use the new vehicle engine. This means that they're lower land impact (the trolley is down from LI30 to LI8, the cage trolley is down from LI25 to LI7), have fewer scripts and use less memory.

The Trolley is designed as a fun way for a dominant to be pushed around shopping. They get to sit in the trolley itself and can RLV-grab a driver to push them around.

The bag inside the trolley has a menu (that can be controlled by the owner and the passenger) that allows for changing of the image/logo.

The vehicle itself is simple to drive and, as with all of the Z&A vehicles, is designed to be accessible with easy-to-use menu options and appropriate RLV options to keep the victim nice and secure for the duration of the ride.

The Cage Trolley is similar but the sit positions are reversed, with the dominant pushing/driving the vehicle and the victim being RLV-grabbed and locked inside the cage.

For those who wish to make either of the trolleys available for easy use by the public, there are rezzer versions available:

As well as including the normal vehicle (there's no need to buy both if you want a personal vehicle and a public rezzer version) they also include a rezzer object that will rez copies of the vehicle that anyone can drive -- with a full clean-up system that ensures your region doesn't fill up with unwanted trolleys.

If you'd like to try either vehicle out, see what they look like, see how they drive, etc, do feel free to pop down to the main store and head to the vehicle test area where you'll find rezzers set up (on in the case of either trolley, actually in the main shop too -- all good shops should have a trolley rezzer, right?). As well as vendor boards in the main store you'll also find the vehicles and their rezzers for sale on the Second Life marketplace (just click any of the vendor images above to be taken to the relevant Marketplace listing).

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