Z&A Servant Bell

New in the main store and Second Life Marketplace is a product that's an update on a gift that was given out during the Z&A 2nd Birthday Hunt. Given that it's simple, fun and useful, I've being meaning to tweak it and release it as an actual product ever since. So, over 5 years later...

The idea behind the product is that you put out a button in various rooms in your home (or shop, or role play area, etc.... you get the idea) and also put out a bell anywhere where your staff (or servants, or subs, or slaves, or.... again, you get the idea) gather. When a button is pressed all the bells will ring and a message will be spoken in local chat to say who is calling and where they are calling from.

The system is designed to work region-wide, with all buttons owned by an avatar ringing all bells owned by the same avatar. Anyone touching a bell will be told who last caused it to ring, where it was rung from, and how long ago it happened.

The system is also designed with simple customisation in mind: you're encouraged to pull copies of the scripts out of the button and the bell (the button and bell are really only included as example items) and put them in your own choice of objects so they better fit your location (the bell will also play the first sound it finds inside itself, so you can easily change the bell noise too).

If you'd like to have a little play with it, you'll find a sample rezzed out in the new product area in the main store. You can also, of course, find the Servant Bell for sale over on the Second Life Marketplace too.

PS: If you're in need of a maid's dress for your staff, I do happen to know of a newly-opened shop that has just the thing. ;)

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